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what is friendship?

  A person who is usually there for you in your difficulties and in your happy moments until last breath with none blood relationship is barely a best friend. someone who will perceive each downside behind your tears is your best friend. someone who points out your faults and creates them correctly on the right path is your best friend. someone who searches Happiness in your success is your best friend. someone who owns all of your issues is your best friend.

     someone who worries your future and causes you to the flourishing person is your best friend. someone who sits beside you and encourages you even it's half-dozen or sixty is your ally. someone who perpetually causes you to fun and insults you in front of most is your best friend.

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    someone who will scold you anytime with none reason is your best friend. someone who calls you by uncountable nicknames is your best friend. someone who sacrifices his/her own Happiness for your success is your best friend.

    Friendship is that the hardest factor within the world to clarify. It’s not one thing you learn in class. however if you haven’t learned that means of relationship or friendship, you actually haven’t learned something.

     A relationship or friendship consists in forgetting what one provides and basic cognitive process what one receives. an admirer is one that is aware of you as you're, understands wherever you have got been, accepts what you have got become, and still, gently permits you to grow.

    A relationship or friendship is not sensible, like philosophy, like art…. it's no survival price; rather it's one among those things that provide value to survival.

    Friendship may be a therefore common word in our each day life that we tend to all assume that we all know its that means however in true it might take one's whole life to comprehend its that means. a friendly relationship is that the purest of all love as a result of this is often the sole love wherever there's no compulsion.

   All the relationships or friendship and connections during this life square measure empty if a friendly relationship isn't at the rear of them to strengthen them. the link between mother and female offspring, father and son, brother and sister, husband and woman, teacher and pupil, of these connections would like a spirit behind them; and this spirit is that the spirit of friendly relationship. a friendly relationship is that the universal religious energy that unites souls within the bond of divine love.

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  True friendly relationship or friendship lies in seeking soul progress along. the friendly relationship mustn't ever have a fabric finish seeable, or associated object to be gained. a friendly relationship is associate ever-increasing consciousness of equality and therefore the mixing of souls with none physical relation. Friendship may be a manifestation of God’s love for you, expressed through your friends, who represent the richest possessions an individual's being will have.

  There is no relationship which will be compared with a friendly relationship or friendship, for it's in learning the law of friendly relationship or friendship that one understands ethics and morals, and conjointly the relation between man and God. Friendship is eternal. If you'll be able to the kinda friendly relationship through that God is waking up in you, that's the best of all friendships.

  All smart persons who square measure sent to us by universe square measure expressions of God’s love for us. Every friend who is with us or who have passed on from this earth is the medium through that God Himself expresses His friendly relationship to us. Hence, to ignore a friendly relationship or friendship is to ignore God. By being faithful yourself and a real friend to others, we gain the friendly relationship of God`



     People tend to choose friends the same as themselves, says Susan Krauss Whitbourne, within the science nowadays article, "Fifteen Reasons we'd like Friends." Taking this concept into consideration, it's safe to mention that friends play an oversized role in serving to you get to understand yourself higher. Since friends are similar individuals, they will assist you to work out what your goals are and encourage you to remain the correct track whereas you are attempting to succeed in them


    Parker-Pope explains that in times of hassle, many of us address their friends for support over relations or support teams. sensible friends will assist you to deal with traumatic life events, together with serious sickness, divorce, loss of employment or the death of a loved one, say specialists at With durable friendships, comes bigger peace of mind, as a result of you recognize that through thick and skinny, your friends are there for you.


    Whitbourne says that since your friends understand your ins and outs, they're ready to spot things that you simply cannot see (or that you simply opt to ignore), and that they don't have any drawback telling you the reality. everybody wants a reality check currently and so. in line with the, friends may also denote unhealthy lifestyle habits and encourage you to avoid or modify them.



    This one most likely best distinguishes a faux friend from a true one; in adversity, a real friend would never dream of departure you within the shadows alone. Instead, they provide to assist you but they will, and produce you back to the sunshine once more. faux friends usually bail on you as a result of they solely wished to stay around once things went well for you, and felt like serving to you thru your issues was a burden for them.


    Fake friends feel jealous and disdainful after you deliver the goods one thing exciting in your life, however, true friends can celebrate your accomplishments with you. to understand if you’re managing Associate in the Nursing authentic friendly relationship or not, simply notice who sticks around after you reach new heights in your life. Some individuals can attempt to tear you down, however, the important friends in your life can feel happy for you.


    After seeing them, you are feeling additional rejuvenated, vibrant, and excited regarding life, not the other. Authentic friendships are an ideal energetic match between 2 people; otherwise, one person is giving the opposite one energy, which suggests that you simply have an energy lamia on your hands. to understand if you have got a real friendly relationship  or friendship with somebody, simply concentrate to however you are feeling when meeting up with them. a true friend can cause you to feel smart regarding yourself and life, not depressed and uninspired.


    Real friends never gossip regarding you after you leave the room; they act as an associate adult and confront you in person if they have to speak to you. They respect you adequate to not unfold rumors and tarnish your name behind your back; they might rather swish things over with you and have a rational discussion face-to-face.

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