55 Most Giggle Or Funny Friendship Quotes in English 2019

Funny Friendship Quotes in English

Here is the best collection of Funny Friendship Quotes in English only for your friends. To enjoy the best collection of Funny Friendship Quotes in English read the below quotes. 

Funny Friendship Quotes in English

 Funny Friendship Quotes in English

Treat pending!! Also in the dog's birthday of Friend.

All friends are my outside enemy.

My energy my friends.

Today is my friend's birthday. He will be bigger today.

Birthday of my friends or his gf. Always party mode on.

Always settle with friend's gf.

The moment, when we Beating the math teacher in our school helps me to laugh the most.

That moment in the hotel, when we all friends had eaten a lot of food but back home without paying money

The girl who likes you the most, but you don't like that girl. It is because of only me. What a nice thing.

Love those friends, who also give a party on their gf's birthday but hate those friends who don't give a party on their birthday.

One day I have seen two friends, eating snacks. When more two friends came near to them. Then they went on.

Every friend has a nude pic from his childhood. And his childhood friend reveals that nude pictures. This is epic.

The friend never gets restricted. From the bad habit of this gang. Because that gang is consisting of all bros and friends.

Girlfriend says to me, you must have to leave your friend. But u said that first of all I have to leave you then think about my friend.

Funny Friendship Quotes in English

When we all have about to die, we will set a picnic with some call girls. And then enjoy our picnic party. But our wives are not allowed to that picnic.

Once in a day in my childhood, I was bathing nudely and suddenly a girl came and saw all my machinery part. It is so laughing day.

I have a party, at my house. I haven't invited any girls because we are boys.
Love is only for time pass for all my friends.

In the hostel,  we always sleep wearing underwear, one day our miss had come to our room and so on.

Let's get a party every year.
Cheating in the exam with friends is the toughest moment of my life.

One day will come. When your son calls my son as a friend. Then I feel lucky to have you as my friend.

There are three numbers of my friend on my mobile and I have saved, Tattiwala 1,2and 3.

React love to gf of Friend.

React haha to friend's post.

Nobody in this world can able to know the actual planning of Friends birthday.

Always beat to a friend.

He is my friend. His launch and notebook is also mine.

Love is painful but friendship is harmful.

Let's break up with all the girls.

Say no to marriage. If one friend has not attended In marriage.

Hello, sir ji!! Don't punish my friend. Because I'm here.

Hello madam!! Please love my friend.

The wife of my friend's dog is also my bhabi.

After marriage, my friend will not be mine. So say no to wife.

There is no power, work between fighting of me and my friend.

I always call my friend, Tattiwala.

Say yes to friend's gf.

Say no to party on your birthday.

Keep calm and celebrate a birthday on a friend's money.

I hate my gf because she hates my friends.

My friend is my friend. None of your friend.

When I am with my friend, I feel loyal

Beat, who beat my friend.

No exam, we can make our exam ourselves

No study in the classroom. Only gangbazz.

Friend makes life leave.

Show love towards friends.

Love makes fool of life and friendship make it full.

Many ladies come and go but still, our friendship is being strong.

Kick friends on their birthday.

The time when we all are in our old age,  then we all will go to GOA picnic and enjoy with girls.

In the pond, we had a bath a very little time but that is very precious to my heart.

I don't listen to my friend, because he is my enemy.

No more gf. It is time for the only best friend.

We are not friends. We are a gang.
I always think about why I have friends, then I realized we have to beat someone.

Friends never stop laughing at u.

Hey, go to hell !! You have not right to tell my friends bad. Okay.

Mom says friends are bad, I said that it is so sad that you have told me friends are bad.

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